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St Peter & St Paul Hanborough

St Peter & St Paul is Hanborough’s Parish church and is located in the centre of Church Hanborough.  Reputedly, King Henry I founded the church in 1108, and it is marvellous to know that people have been worshipping God for over 910 years on this site.  


Services take place every Sunday at 10 am, followed by coffee and chat and we are always keen to welcome new people to our congregations: whether you live locally or are visitors, there is always a friendly face to welcome you.  Our services are more traditional, usually with the organ assisting us in singing hymns and songs, and we celebrate communion on two Sundays during the month.

inside P&P.jpg
baptism of Flora Saxton 0001.JPG

Baptism at St Peter & St Paul, pictures courtesy of the Saxon Family

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St Peter StPaul building.jpg


The building itself is beautiful and one of the most treasured works is the Norman tympanum over the North porch, showing St Peter holding the keys, with the lion of St Mark and the Lamb of God.  There are examples of 15th-century works in the pulpit and font, wall paintings in the Lady Chapel, and three mediaeval screes across the full width of the church. Through all of this comes a sense of peace and many years of prayerfulness and many people just enjoy sitting in the church to take this in during the week when the church is open daily.

baptism of Flora Saxton 0002.JPG

Baptism at St Peter & St Paul, pictures courtesy of the Saxon Family

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